Why Arrowhead

From one Texas Family to Another

There is an insane amount of knowledge at your fingertips at any given moment thanks to the smart phones we carry every day.  If you are anything like us you don’t make a $50 purchase without reading a product description, a few reviews and checking to see who offers free shipping. You go to these lengths for items you will discard or things you don’t use even on a weekly basis.  When you walk into a grocery store to buy food all of the sudden those habits are thrown out the window. Was this steak cut two weeks ago in Texas or was it frozen months ago and flown in from another country?  Have the fajitas you’ve purchased to grill this weekend ever been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics?  How many different animals were used to make up this single pound of hamburger meat?  It’s hard to find a label that can answer these questions but when you are feeding your family these things matter.  We believe you deserve to know the answers to these questions.

The idea behind Arrowhead Beef goes back three generations, when the Brady Ranch provided beef to buyers in Victoria, Texas and the surrounding area.  Back then the customers had the same desires - they wanted to know where their meat came from and how it was produced.  Today we are working hard to provide the same thing for you.  We are raising cattle around our home for our family and yours as well.  The Arrowhead Beef name is unique to us but is incredibly symbolic of our lives.  We both grew up participating in the 4-H archery project where we met and were childhood friends.  We began dating toward the end of college and spent many “date nights” bow hunting together and enjoying the outdoors.  Even now as our family has expanded some of our favorite moments revolve around being outside.  As our girls are growing up the quality and source of their food has become something we worry about.  It’s concerning to think about how long food can sit in a pantry and still be considered fine to eat.  When you think about where meat comes from you often have more questions than answers.  We want better for our own kids and we hope to help you do the same for your own family. 

Kench, Lindsey, Claire & Bella

Our children are the fifth generation to grow up on this ranch and eat the beef we grow in our own pastures.