Our Process

The Arrowhead Way

When purchasing from Arrowhead Beef you have two choices when it comes to purchasing your meat. You may purchase either a portion of a steer carcass or you can purchase individual cuts through our online store.

Purchasing a portion of a steer carcass will provide you with a mix of steaks, roasts, ground beef and other miscellaneous cuts at the most economical price per pound. Pricing is based on the carcass weight of the animal when slaughtered. Many times people will find family members or friends to split the meat with but we ask that we have one person to contact regarding the purchase. When you decide to purchase from us we will require a deposit to hold your steer that will cover the slaughter fee. Once the animal is ready to be harvested we will haul it to Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas. They are the only federally inspected custom processing facility between Dallas and Corpus Christi and offer a variety of options to fit your personal requests. Feel free to check out their website here if you’d like more information on processing.

Many times our customers don't have the freezer space to make a bulk purchase so purchasing individual cuts through our online store is ideal. Please note that we have a $75 minimum requirement for delivery. We deliver to the Victoria area weekly, usually on the weekends. Delivery to the Palacios area is typically available on a monthly basis. A time and date for your delivery will be arranged once you've placed your order.

Our animals are roughly two years of age when they are harvested and have spent their entire life in the pasture around our home. Our steers are grass and forage finished, allowing them the time to grow and develop naturally.

If an animal ever gets sick and requires antibiotics and/or hormones it is pulled from our program to ensure your family gets the kind of meat we promise.

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